Bruce Randolph Accepts Hydroponic Farm Truck Donation

Posted October 20, 2022

Bruce Randolph School in DPS accepted a generous donation of a Ford F-250 4×4 truck from the Chevron Corporation.  The truck will be used to transport fresh produce grown in the school’s indoor hydroponic farm by students, that opened in April, to local farmer’s markets.  Students grow fresh vegetables in the hydroponic farm as Bruce Randolph is the only urban agricultural pathway in DPS.  The produce is then prepared in the school’s cafeteria, provided to families, and members of the community.  

Bruce Randolph School serves students in an area that has little access to fresh fruits or vegetables and is known to be a food desert.  Due to concerns of pollutants in the soil, traditional gardening efforts prove to be a challenge.  The school’s hydroponic farm grows approximately 1000 pounds of fresh produce each month.  The truck supports the school with their anti-waste efforts.  Previously, transporting the produce grown proved difficult due to space constraints.  The generous donation of the Ford F-250 truck makes transporting the produce easier and has the potential to increase the amount of produce grown by students.