Bell Schedule

In-Person/Hybrid and Remote Schedule for Quarter 3

  • Teachers provide instruction for 3 classes (with no more than 35 students per class) each day for in-personal/virtual combined.
  • Each class is scheduled for 80-minutes with a 10-minute break built into the class for screen breaks, and mask off walking break.
  • Instruction is provided via live-stream for students choosing the virtual option
6th & 9th Grade Schedule
7:458:15BIC/Advisory30 minutes
8:189:38Block I80 minutes
9:4111:01Block II80 minutes
11:0411:34Lunch30 minutes
11:3712:57Block III80 minutes
1:002:20Block IV80 minutes
7th & 10th Grade Schedule
7:508:20BIC/Advisory30 minutes
8:239:43Block I80 minutes
9:4611:06Block II80 minutes
11:0911:39Lunch30 minutes
11:421:02Block III80 minutes
1:052:25Block IV80 minutes
8th & 11th Grade Schedule
7:558:25BIC/Advisory30 minutes
8:289:48Block I80 minutes
9:5111:11Block II80 minutes
11:1411:44Lunch30 minutes
11:471:07Block III80 minutes
1:102:30Block IV80 minutes

12th Grade Schedule
8:008:30BIC/Advisory30 minutes
8:339:53Block I80 minutes
9:5611:16Block II80 minutes
11:1911:49Lunch30 minutes
11:521:12Block III80 minutes
1:152:35Block IV80 minutes

Maroon & Silver Days Q3 Calendar