College Preparation

The mission of Bruce Randolph School is to graduate 100% of seniors prepared to succeed without the need for remediation in a four-year college or university. Bruce Randolph School has a full range of programs and advisors ready to help prepare your grizzly student for college and career.

Students will receive advising for:

  • Concurrent enrollment (college classes at Bruce Randolph, on the CCD campus, or at Emily Griffith Technical College)
  • ASCENT program enrollment
  • Transcript earned credits and graduation requirements questions
  • General college readiness questions

College Readiness Counselor:

Jan Downing

School Counselor:

Carly Hampton 720-683-0276

Bruce Randolph has a range of resources and programs to help prepare students for life after high school. Explore all the options available to grizzlies below!

Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT) is a fifth-year college-enrollment program that allows seniors to remain enrolled at their high school during a fifth year, while enrolling entirely in college classes.

In order to qualify for ASCENT, students must have completed all of their high school graduation requirements, taken 12 credit hours of college classes prior to the end of their senior year, and are considered college/career ready.

For the 2015-2016 school year, more than 30 percent of the senior class at Bruce Randolph was eligible for the ASCENT program, and 11 of those Class of 2015 students are currently enrolled as ASCENT students.

College Seminar Class

A unique feature of Bruce Randolph School is a four-year college preparation course, called College Seminar, which students begin when they enter high school at Bruce Randolph. College Seminar is automatically built into a student’s schedule for all four years of a student’s high school education. Each grade level of college seminar offers a curriculum that best meets students’ college preparatory needs at that time.

9th Grade

During 9th grade, students take a year-long basic keyboarding class that builds keyboarding skills, and allows the student to earn three transcript college credits through Community College of Denver.

10th Grade

During 10th grade, students can continue to expand on their keyboarding skills with a Keyboarding Applications class (three college credits), an Introduction to Computer Technical Applications class (three college credits) or an Introduction to College class (three college credits)

11th Grade

During 11th grade College Seminar, students lay the foundation for their senior year college application process with many college-focused activities, such as writing a personal statement, building/updating a resume, researching potential colleges and scholarships and preparing for and taking the ACT. Juniors also go on a three day-two night college preparatory retreat to Estes Park, Colo., where they participate in focused workshops and begin to plan for college and/or career.

12th Grade

During senior year, students apply to at least four colleges and at least three scholarships, meet with representatives from many area colleges and practice their interview skills. College campus visits are planned for students at all high school grade levels throughout the school year. Additionally, if qualifications are met, Bruce Randolph students are able to waive the fee for their college applications and are also able to waive the fee (up to three times) for retaking the ACT.

Concurrent Enrollment

What is Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent enrollment allows students to complete college courses and earn college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit toward high school graduation. Bruce Randolph School partners with Community College of Denver, CEC Middle College and Emily Griffith Technical College to enable students to take a variety of classes at these campuses. College classes that can be taken at these institutions to earn college credit include Math 121, English 121, Certified Nursing Assistant and Video Gaming.

Several of our Bruce Randolph teachers are CCD adjunct faculty and will teach the following courses here at Bruce Randolph during the 2015-16 school year. Bruce Randolph currently has more than 300 high school students taking college classes and earning college credit through the concurrent enrollment program.

Classes Available for College Credit:

DSF Future Center


The Denver Scholarship Foundation inspires and empowers Denver Public Schools’ students to enroll in and graduate from post-secondary institutions of higher education, by providing the tools, knowledge, and financial resources essential for success.

In addition to providing need-based scholarships to DPS graduates, DSF provides college and financial aid advising services through its Future Centers in 14 DPS high schools, and partners with over 30 Colorado colleges and universities to support the success of DSF Scholars. To date, DSF has funded more than $48 million in scholarships to more than 7,600 DPS graduates.

To learn more about the Denver Scholarship Foundation, visit

DSF College Advisor

The Bruce Randolph Future Center is a college resource center, where students can get information about colleges, financial aid, and scholarships. The 9th-11th College Advisor helps freshman, sophomores, and juniors become more college-ready and prepared for senior year. The 12th grade College Advisor works with seniors and guides them through every step of the college application and financial aid process.

9th-11th College Advisor: Mr. Theo Shipley

The 9th-11th College Advisor offers supports freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in the following ways:

  • Lead the Scholar Prep Program (SPP) where students get access to one-on-one support and special events
  • Provide information related to scholarships, financial aid, and affordable college options
  • Help students understand career and college pathways
  • Improve students’ ability to communicate and advocate for themselves and others
  • Help students set goals and develop healthy habits for personal success
  • Grow financial literacy skills in students
  • Connect students to resources and opportunities in the school and broader community

12th Grade College Advisor: Ms. Angelica Lopez-Rodriguez (Hablo Español!)

In conjunction with 12th Grade College Seminar class, the 12th Grade College Advisor supports seniors in the following ways:

  • Creating a college list.
  • Support completing college applications.
  • Support navigating the best financial aid processes for each student.
  • Support being matched with scholarships and completion of their applications.
  • Coordinating college admission representatives visits to Bruce Randolph.
  • Tours of college campuses.
  • Focusing on successfully transitioning from high school to college including orientation and social emotional aspects.