Career Exploration Opportunities and Xplore

Posted September 12, 2023

We are continuing to gear up for Back to School Night at Bruce Randolph School, this Thursday at 5pm with some more booth shout-outs! Today’s shoutout is for Career Exploration Opportunities with Ms. Shannon Smith!

Ms. Smith will be presenting information on programs she coordinates with Bruce Randolph which include Xplore, Lunch Internship and Youth Apprenticeship Program. Check out the graphics above to learn more about the current openings for internships this fall and upcoming field trips Ms. Smith will be focusing on! Check out the information below for more information about each program.

Xplore Program: Provides students, 9th-12th graders, career exploration opportunities through field trips, career fairs, informational interviews and job shadowing.

Launch Internship: Fall, spring and summer internships where students can earn money, elective credit and work experience.

Youth Apprenticeship Program: Through Careerwise Colorado, two or three year apprenticeships for our students.

For any questions please contact Ms. Shannon Smith at or call at 720-609-1246.