Posted February 20, 2024

Check out this week’s athletics schedule and make sure to go cheer on our Grizzlies!

HS Girls Basketball: Will host the KIPP Tigers on Tuesday night in the first round of the Frontier League Tournament at 7:30pm. If the girls will, they will then travel to Arrupe high school to play cross town rival the Jefferson Saints on Friday in the semi finals. 

HS Boys Basketball: Will host the tough KIPP Tigers on Tuesday night as well in the first round. The game will be at 6pm in the Den. When the dust settles we hope that our boys will travel to Arrupe HS for a semifinal game against the Frontier League leading Bennett Tigers. 

HS Girls Soccer: Will continue pre season workouts. 

HS Baseball: Will continue pre season workouts and emphasis grades. 

MS Girls Soccer: Will begin practice this week. Every Tuesday & Thursday 3:30-5pm on the field.  

MS Baseball: Will begin practice this week on Wednesday 3:30-5pm at Cobalt.  

On Wednesday MS boys & girls will have a pizza party to end the season. Girls 3:30-4pm & Boys is 4:30-5pm.  

Grizzly Roars go to Coach Abdi Shongolo, Coach Randy, Coach Brit, Coach Kidane for making a coop with Greenwood successful, thinking outside the box to find a solution and giving kids a chance to play. You truly made a difference. Thank you.